Cybex Eternize S Review

Cybex Eternize S all-in-one is second on our convertible car seat list. It has a mind-blowing innovative protective system. This stylish car seat offers three stages of protection. Now parents can have peace of mind till ten years. From birth to 120lb this car seat will be your kid best buddy. Cybex will serve its tiny rider from rear-positioned to forward one and then to a high-back booster. As a rear-facing infant car seat, it supports from 4lbs to 50lbs.Also see our Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit as 2nd choice.

The weight range for a forward-facing car seat is 22lbs to 65lbs. A child of 40lbs to 20lbs feels secure in a belt-positioned booster. This incredible car seat has an adjustable L.S.P System.This system absorbs 25% more shocks during a collision. The three-positioned headrest does not allow the kid’s head to fall. The headrest also holds the head and neck in the cozy place. So that your little one can enjoy a comfy nap. For the parent’s peace of mind, the steel frame provides extra safety. As we know that the rear-facing car seat is the safest one.

For a longer rear-facing ride, Cybex came with the idea of in-seat recline. One of the mind-blowing feature of this car seat is SensorSafe technology. This astonishing technology is embedded into the chest clip. If ant unsafe condition arises, it generates alerts. In a moving car, if your silly kid unbuckles himself, you will get an alert. If you ever leave your precious kid in the car, you will get alerted. After two minutes of delay, a notification with the current location will be sent to the emergency contacts. You may also receive a notification if the back seat gets too hot or cold.

These notifications reach you through a user-friendly App. The parents have easy access to FAQs. All the user manual and other essential car seat information is there. This App allows you to securely install the car seat and enjoy a stress-free ride. Cybex Convertible car seat maybe a little bit pricy for you. But it has remarkable security in all manners.

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