Best Convertible Car Seat

Looking for the best convertible car seat for your baby? Shop the collection of car seats that are perfect to buy with child safety. Being a parent means heavy responsibility on your shoulders. Both mother and father try to head over heels to protect their child. Children mean the whole world to their parents. So Parents who love traveling must know the importance of car seat during drive or flight. You cannot leave your kids all alone at home. And if you want them to ride with you, then you probably need a car seat. Because a toddler can’t sit well or get hold of himself that’s why it is important to pick toddler car seat for your kid.

Best Convertible Car Seats

Updated: January 3, 2020.

Maxi Cosi Magellan

The Top Pick

The Maxi Cosi All in One Magellan is at top of our Convertible Car Seat list due to height controller, air cushions, perfect adjustment, 3 reclinning positions, dedicated modes placement, extreme comfortable seat and all important safety measures with 80+ lbs carrying ability.

Graco 4Ever is #2 in our review. It is also a decent choice with all-in-one solution. Consider it at the 2nd priorty and we bet you won’t get disappoint.

As there are 4-5 different types of car seats available for your infant. But you should pick one after planning about it or go through convertible car seats review. Infant, Booster, rear convertible and forward facing are common types of baby car seat. If you are looking for a multi purpose seat for your kid, then rear convertible is decent type to pick. It serves in 3 ways along providing comfortable travel and ensures maximum safety. Read about Tips For Car Seat Buyers to pick the perfect and suitable one. Let us help you finding best convertible car seat for your toddler as well as infant.

These are the Best Convertible Car Seats:

  • Maxi Cosi Magellan Convertible Car Seat
  • Graco Extend 2 Fit 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat
  • Britax Advocate Forward & Rear Facing Car Seat
  • Disney Mouseketeer Mickey Convertible Car Seat
  • Diono Radian 3 RXT Convertible Car Seat
  • Cosco Mighty Fit Convertible Car Seat
  • Chicco NextFit Baby Car Seat
  • Safety 1st Go Comfort Car Seat
  • Graco Sequence 65 Convertible Car Seat
  • Cybex Eternize S Baby Car Seat
  • Clek Fllo Convertible Car Seat
  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible Car Seat
  • Combi Coccoro Convertible Car Seat
  • Evenflo Momentum LX Convertible Car Seat
  • Britax Boulevard Rear and Forward Facing Car Seat

1. Maxi Cosi Magellan Convertible Car Seat

Convertible Car Seat: Maxi Cosi Magellan
Maxi Cosi Convertible Car Seat

Enjoy a convenient ride on every adventure with Maxi Cosi Magellan seat. Its innovative design gets your baby in and out without any trouble. It has extended weight limits. It can fit a kid from 5 to 85 pounds. The flip-away buckle prevents straps from sticking underneath your kid. Just with a single hand, you can open magnetic chest clip. But it would not be easy for the innocent angels to unbuckle themselves. It also offers a removable insert cushion for small infants. The insert cushion helps them to have a comfy snug fit.

This car seat also has a safe side-impact Air protect system. Air protection technology gives protection, where it requires the most, to head. The machine-washable fabric makes cleaning just like a breeze. It might be a little pricy for you. But it worth price.

Maxi-Cosi Pria has an extended weight range. Now your little one can have more journeys with this dream seat. As forward-facing it is capable of bearing up to 85 pounds.

A true traveler does not waste their precious time. That’s why it has a quick clip. The magnetic chest clip is extremely easy to put together and release. Around head, there is side-impact air technology. Head is most important part of body. Therefore, Pria 85 Max protects the baby head with latest technology.

Properly adjusting a convertible seat is challenging. Every vehicle does not have flat seats. To overcome the issue, this car seat has a deep recline. With three available recline positions, perfectly connect rear facing car seat. We know that a kid grows rapidly. So harness system helps a lot of parents. Now rather than buying a new car seat, you just have to apply required harness. Adjust the height harness to three points, just with a single hand.

  • There is a lifetime warranty for this product.
  • Harness holders help a lot in getting the baby in and out.
  • Removing the seat cover is just like magic.
  • During a ride, it is difficult for kids to unbuckle themselves.

2. Graco Extend 2 Fit 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Convertible Car Seat:: Graco 4Ever Extend 2 Fit
Graco Convertible Car Seat
Graco Convertible Car Seats

Graco is a well-known company providing parenting solutions. The dominated clove fashion punctuated with black and white fabric presents a fabulous look. Now enjoy many more journeys with Graco 4 Ever Extend 2 Review for your little world.

It can transform from infant car seat to booster. Also, ride as rear facing or forward facing car seat. Convert it as a high back or backless booster. Graco made the transformation just like a dream.

The Graco 4Ever is just like a masterpiece. For your convenience, it can convert into 4 different car seats. Its four-position panel provides extra rooms for leg rest. Adjust height and headrest positions in just a motion. Whether its frontal, rear, side or rollover crash, Graco will protect well. Without rethreading, get a proper fit by adjustable 10-positioned headrest.

6 reclining positions bless you baby with a comfy journey. Extra legroom and extended panel bestows you with 5 inches of extra largest. Now your little one can enjoy a comfortable ride in a rear facing position.

A series of testing protocols are executed to ensure best quality. All car seats by Graco are crash tested to surpass the safety.

A baby of 4 to 50 lbs can use it as a rear facing infant car seat. A child having weighed from 22 to 65 pounds ride it as a forward-facing car seat. It can also be used as a high back-belt booster from 40-100 lbs. lastly, for kids from 40 to 120 lbs, it can perform as a backless booster.

  • It can be seamlessly transformed up to a booster.
  • Incredibly safe in case of an accident.
  • Six-relaxing recline positions.
  • Dual place holders for juice and drinks.

3. Britax Advocate Forward & Rear Facing Convertible Car Seat

Convertible Car Seat: Britax Advocate
Britax Advocate Car Seat
Britax Car Seats
Britax Advocate Rear and Forward Facing

Britax Advocate Click Tight is fantastically safe for your baby. You can use it in both forward and rare positions. The weight recommendations for front seat is 4 to 40lbs. whereas for rare seat, the weight range is from 20 to 65lbs. With a revolutionary click system, everyone can install it securely and confidently. The integrated system of safety protects your child beyond federal safety standards.

14 height adjustments provide a secure fit as your kid grows. The strong and stable steel provides superior strength. All five colors of Britax Advocate are adorable.

The safety of kids is topmost priority of parents. Fortunately, Britax paid special attention to this matter. Three-layered side impact protection keeps a child safe in case of collision.

The base is specially designed to divert energy from your little one. This impact absorbing base decreases the force of collision. Now with Britax, a tiny traveler will have ultimate security. As we know the majority of car seats are not properly installed. The auto level indicator plays an important role in proper installation.

The buckle is extremely easy to use. When positioning kid, this system keeps straps out of your way. So that you can put your little one in proper position. Just by pushing button change the height. The seat grows with your tiny baby. Changing height requires no rethreading. The attractive mesh fabric improves airflow. The mesh fabric increases the overall charm.

  • Mesh fabric increases ventilation.
  • Sophisticated style with five color choices.
  • The multiple recline position makes easy to properly set up the car seat.
  • In combine, the various safety systems offer ultimate protection.

4. Disney Mouseketeer Mickey Convertible Car Seat

Convertible Car Seat: Disney Mickey Mouse
Disney Mickey
Disney Mickey Car Seat
Disney Car Seats

Children always make a mess during a ride. But thanks to Disney the seat pad is easy to clean. It in available is various styles and colors. Without weighing you down, this compact design will get you through the airport. During a flight, your precious kid will enjoy a familiar seat.

Make your ride fun with this Disney Mouseketeer Mickey today. This stylish the most sophisticated one. It offers perfect harness protection. It allows from a kid of 5 to 40 pounds in rear facing seat position. As a forward facing seat, it is for kids from 22 to 50 pounds. So treat your tiny Mouseketeer to a gorgeous ride. It is offered in four attractive colors. It a useful purchase. If you have a budget under $100, then it is what you want.

With only 11 pounds, it is super light in weight. It is loved from a tiny 5 pounds infant to a 50 pounds toddler.

Comes with plenty of rooms for feeder or any bottle. Both rear facing and forward facing child has access to dual cup holders. In any unfortunate case, your baby will remain secure. With side impact protection and one-click latch, it is the best choice. The fabric is capable of washing and drying in machine. Let your child enjoy without being worried about the mess.

  • Available in both mickey and mini style.
  • Built-in dual cup holders.
  • Washing the car seat is super easy.
  • This car seat by Disney is approved by airlines.

5. Diono Radian 3 RXT Convertible Car Seat

Convertible Car Seat: Diono Radian
Diono Radian Car Seat

It is armored with 12-position headrest. The headrest is soft and pleasant. Let your child relish cushiony protection. The nesting insert is a soft infant liner. It can keep a baby secure and comfortable. Remove the baby grows, simply remove infant insert.

The growing family needs tailormade solutions. With this all-in-one Diono Radian 3 RXT, build a stylish and secure seat. The audible click makes installation stress free. Without compromising on internal space, you can install three of them in your car. All of this is possible because of the wonderful slimline profile. At heart of seat, the automotive steel core is embedded there. Other key features include 3 buckle and five shoulder positions. Due to memory foam, the tiny rider travels in style and care. All Dino car seats are designed without any compromise.

Diono Radian is excellent in portability and FAA approved too. That means they are certificated to be used on an aircraft.

The weight limit for a rear facing seat is 5 lbs to 45 lbs. 20 – 65 lbs for forwarding seating, and 50 – 120 lbs for booster mode. You can pick Dino in any ten eye-catchy colors. All thestunning color schemes are pretty impressive. The colors options are black, black plaid, black scarlet, blue, dark grey, grey oyster, plum, red, shadow, and yellow sulphur.

  • EPS foam has energy-absorbing characteristics.
  • For storage, this car seat can be folded without any difficulty.
  • All the material is machine washable.

6. Cosco Mighty Fit Convertible Car Seat

Cosco Mighty Fit car Seat
Cosco Convertible Car Seat
Cosco Car Seats

Five-point harness, side protection and much more in less than $100 is just unbelievable. The reinforced side impact protection gives you baby extra protection. The plush padding foam offers an incredibly comfy ride.

For more than 70 years, Cosco is recognized as a top baby product brand. It is well-known for its dedication to safety. This convertible seat by Cosco can be utilized as rear as well as forward positions. It exceeds the safety standards of federal, JPMA, and ASTM. The fabric of car seat is easy to remove and clean. For extra-comfortability, Cosco Mighty Fit DX has plush padding. You can pick any of the three desired colors.

Cosco mighty fit can be used in two modes. It can accommodate infants from 5 to 40 pounds as a rear mode. As a front mode, a kid up to 65 pounds feels great in it.

From front, you can change the harness without any trouble. It also features three buckle and five height positions. Children love to eat and doing a mess with food. So happy moms, as this car seat cover is removable and washable. Mothers can wash the seat cover in machine without any worries. The fabric is also dryer safe.

Due to the slim design, three of these can fit across back seat of a car. A family may have three kids having slightly age difference. So, for growing families, it is such a peace of mind.

  • Affordable in price.
  • The slim design gain less space.
  • Cosco offers one year of warranty.

7. Chicco NextFit Baby Car Seat

Chicco NextFit Review

The headrest extends to nine positions as your baby grows. For newborns, the newborn positioner keeps your little one safe and secure. All 4 colors are aesthetic. The overall look is fashionable when you go to Chicco review. The exquisite color combination with a bundle of features is worth buying.

Chicco being a popular company tries its best to make inspiring products. They are praised by parents for their remarkable baby products. This Chicco NextFit is capable to accommodates kids from 5 to 40lbs as a backward seat. As a forward seat, a kid from 22 to 65lbs sits well. For accurate attachment, dual bubble indicators play an important role. There is also a dishwasher cup folder for placing a drink.

Super Cinch:

Setting up the car seat with high accuracy is not a simple task. Chicco has made the setting up process just like a breeze. With very little effort, you can apply a remarkable tightness. Every vehicle does not have flat seats. Connecting a car seat to a non-flat vehicle seat is challenging. Thanks to nine different leveling positions. Now Chicco can precisely fit into a wide variety of vehicles.

The 9-positioned headrest is capable to extend to accommodate growth. As per your baby’s height, select most suitable position.

Achieving exact baby posture is not an easy task. A newborn positioner makes things painless. This padded newborn positioner is useful for 5 to 11lbs kid. As your cute baby grows, remove positioner. The seat belt path is elaborated by instruction along with images. The available guidance is enough for a safe quick connection.

  • Zip mechanism makes removing and cleaning the seat cover effortless.
  • Dual bubble level indicators help in the right installation.
  • A steel reinforcement structure ensures a longtime life.
  • Fitting from one-pull harness strap is a piece of cake.

8. Safety 1st Go Comfort Convertible Car Seat

Convertible Car Seat: Safety 1st Go Comfort

There are three reversible pillows for a snug fit. These pillows add extra coziness. When your baby grows you can remove them without any trouble.

Make your baby content with this 3-in-1 Safety 1st seat. Use this extended convertible car seat through three stages. If you have a baby of 5 to 50 pounds, use it as a rear position. For baby from 22 to 65 pounds, use it as a forward positioned one. For a baby from 40 to 100 pounds, use it as a high back-booster. With both armrests, there are integrated pockets. The fabric has an innovation mechanism. One side is warm, and the other is cool. In combine, they both keep the child comfy at a moderate temperature. Due to smart style, it takes less space in the vehicle.

The maximum height limit for a backward seat is 19 to 40 inches. For a forward seat, the height range is from 29 to 49 inches. Adjust dedicated height and enjoy long-lasting durability. Buckling up with car’s belt is super easy. The belt path is clearly visible. Around whole path, there are written instructions for perfect joining. You just have to follow given instructions.

On a hot sunny day, cool technology keeps your baby cool. The fabric is responsible for absorbing moisture. As a result, your little one feels cool and dry. There are harness holders on both sides of seats. These holders prevent straps to get tangled. So that you can easily put your baby without being worry.

  • Three removable pillows for superior comfort.
  • With moisture-wicking fabric, the little rider will be cool and dry.
  • Fabric is breathable, dry, and cool.
  • For a great fit, it has a 3 positioned recline.

9. Graco Sequence 65 Convertible Car Seat

Graco Sequence 65
Graco Convertible Car Seat

Another righteous choice for on-the-go families is Graco Sequence 65 for infant as well as toddler. With six-recline positions, it grows with its little traveler. Converting from rear facing (4-40lbs) to forward facing (22-65lbs) is as easy as pie. Effortlessly adjust the height harness together with head pillow. For superior snugness, there are 10 different height harness.

Easy to read instructions offers hassle-free installation. Specially engineered to exceed all Federal crash tests. It has an elegant design, decent color combinations along with two drink holders. It has all fancy features at such a reasonable price.

Graco Sequence 65 has two modes. From 4-40 pounds enjoy it as a rear facing car seat. Whereas, from 22 to 65 pounds use it as a forward facing seat for your child.

This incredible car seat is safely engineered. This brave car seat is skillful to overcome rigorous crashes. Whether its frontal, rear, rollover or side crashes. It will protect your kid just like a mother. As every car seat has two installation techniques. These are Latch system and Vehicle belt path. The Latch system is hassle-free. Written guidelines eliminate guesswork and save time and energy.

Just in one-touch, you will acquire the required height. Height harness changes along with head pillow in a single motion. The ten-positioned head pad harness can be acquired as per its traveler height. Children love to eat and drink during a ride. Holder a juice or bottle is hard for them. Keeping children need in mind Graco has provided dual drink holders. Now, your little one will be in great comfort.

  • Graco offers 10 height adjustable harness for this product.
  • It has three reclining positions for a forward-facing car seat.
  • For additional coziness, there are a lot of cushions.
  • Affordable price car seat.

10. Cybex Eternize S Baby Car Seat

Cybex Eternize S Car seat

The three-positioned headrest results in a comfortable nap and a peaceful journey. The height-adjustable headrest has 12 positions. The SensorSafe system is embedded into chest clip. When any unsafe situation arises, this system gives essential alerts. This all-in-1 Cybex Eternize S has three modes. It is suitable for 4 to 120 pounds and 57 inches tall child. Your little one can ride as a rear seat, forward seat as well as a booster. The incredible style and solid protection of cybex car seat review will last until your baby first ten years.

If your silly baby unbuckles himself, you will get alerted. You will immediately get a primary vehicle then secondary app notification. If you forget your kid in car, you still be acknowledged by a notification. The App will also notify if your car’s temperature is too hot or cold.

SensorSafe App is a user-friendly App. It offers guidance regarding installation. For right installation, you will get sufficient information. Parents also have access to user manual through the App.

Infant insert will help tiny baby in attaining a cozy ride. Parents can remove it, as kid grows.

This in-seat feature adjusts to various positions. The multiple recline position results in extra legroom and a better fit. The comfortable recline angles help in minimizing head slump.

The three-position headrest prevents the child’s head from falling forward. The headrest has a tilt position. The revolutionary technology puts head slightly backward when baby is sleeping. Now the baby can take a nap comfortably.

  • L.S.P system offers additional protection during accidents.
  • Three-positioned headrest for a comfy nap.
  • It has fascinating SensorSafe technology.
  • Exchangeable cup holder can be attached to any side.

11. Clek Fllo Convertible Car Seat

Convertible Car Seat: Clek Fllo
Clek Fllo
Clek Baby Car Seat

In rear mode, a child of 14-50 pounds and 25-43 inches tall can sit comfortably. While as a forward seat mode, it can effortlessly accommodate a kid of 22-65 pounds and 30-49 inches tall. Now enjoy a safe and comfy long time rear ride.

Have a narrow car and three kids? No worries. Because of the Clek Fllo can fit perfectly into narrow vehicle seats. It has just 17 inches of width, you can use three to them in a row without any hesitation. Clek is a Canadian award-winning company. Clek provides its customers with world-class superior designed products. It has an adjustable headrest. The GreenGuard certificated fabric does not let any stain stick on the fabric.

This Energy-absorbing crumple technology reduces the transmitted force during a crash. It works by using an aluminum honeycomb cores. These aluminum cores are embedded into seat base.

Anti-rebounding bar limits the rotation. In case of any collision, it will protect child’s head. With the help of this bar, you can snugly install in rear mode. It also provides extra legroom for your baby.

Clek Fllo is approved to use on an aircraft. It is FAA certified. Now enjoy a cherish ride on-road as well as on an airplane.

Crypton fabric used in this car seat offers permanent protection for stains. Fabric is free from chlorinated and brominated flame retardant. It can also help in getting rid of bacteria caused by moisture and odor.

Deep side wings, metal substructure, along with internal and external energy-absorbing form layers provide robust protection. This protection makes a miracle happens during an event of accident.

  • Three years of extendable warranty for online registered customers.
  • Bottom steel bar provided extra legroom.
  • Fabric is free from bacteria and chemicals.
  • You can use this stylish car seat up to nine years.

12. Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible Car Seat

Convertible Car Seat: Peg Perego Primo Viaggio

A combination of different safety technologies results in fantastic protection. You can choose any desired color from seven eye-catchy colors.SAFE device is a shock-absorbing element placed under car seat. In any unfortunate car crash, the SAFE device decreases stress on kid’s shoulder and neck. Now your baby will be safe is any tragedy. This well-protected car seat has 10 modifiable height positions. You can change positions even with your baby in the seat. Expanded Poly Styrene and head panel protects kid’s head.

For superior protection, we have Peg Perego for your kids. By following the baby growth, it can convert from rear mode (5-45 lbs.) to forward mode (22-65 lbs). It is manufactured in Italy. Because of the highest quality material, it is super protected. The innovative jersey fabric offers ventilation and moisture absorption. It has various recliner position to keep the baby in relax for a long time. It has a special removable cushion for newborns.

To provide child with the ultimate relaxing angle, it has seven recline positions in rear mode. The recliner helps little one to ride rear facing for a long time.

Jersey fabric is used in manufacturing. This superior quality fabric is used in head panel. The removable is easy to clean and absorbs moisture. Primo Viaggio car seat has a special rear steel plate. This plate minimizes the forward bending of car seat during a car collision. The steel pins transfer energy into base and protect its tiny passenger from any harm.

  • Even with your baby in the seat, you can modify the height positions.
  • For small babies, the seat has extra padding.
  • Embedded safe device reduces stress on the child.
  • It offers marvelous safety in case of a car crash.

13. Combi Coccoro Convertible Car Seat

Convertible Car Seat: Combi Coccoro
Combi Coccoro Car Seat

It comes with an infant inserter for proper positioning and comfort of newborns. Once your baby grows, you can remove the infant inserter without any difficulty. Use it as your infant car seat without any worry.

Tru-safe side impact protection has deep side walls and an energy absorption foam layer. It helps in getting rid of crash energy from kid’s head, neck, and spine.

Installing a car seat in narrow spaces or small vehicles is challenging. But Combi Coccoro make it easy. It really fits into tight spaces. Coccoro knows your child is your precious treasure. For your kid ultimate security, it has Tru-safe side impact protection. The Tru-safe protects your child’s head, neck, and spine in case of any collision. It can be utilized as a rear-facing as well as a forward-facing car seat. As compared to other rivals, it has less weight and height capacity. It is a nice choice with few downsides.

The recommended weight for a rear mode is 3 to 33 pounds, whereas 20 to 40 pounds for forward mode. The minimum height is 19 inches, on the other hand, maximum height is 40 inches.

It has a buckle with an indicator. When straps are securely buckled, indicator gives a visual clue. This feature offers utmost security to your precious child. With just 15 inches of width, it can easily connect into tighter spaces in small cars. You can even install three of them on back seat of the vehicle.

  • It can perfectly fit into tight spaces of a small vehicle.
  • When the harness is tightly buckled, the buckle indicator gives a visual clue.
  • This slim and compact car seat by Coccoro is FAA certified.

14. Evenflo Momentum LX Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Convertible Car Seat

Along with a grace look, It can connect super-fast with your vehicle. A lot of customers are dissatisfied with this product. It is safe and has a nice look but also has some faults. Weight for rear mode is 5 to 40 pounds, while its 22 to 65 pounds for forward position. The recommended height is 19 to 37 inches for rear facing mode and 28 to 50 inches for forward mode.

Overall Evenflo Momentum LX is the perfect combination of safety and innovative features. It has an economical price. It’s quick and secure harness system lets your baby enjoy a snug safe ride. Utilize it as both rear and forward-facing convertible car seat. Evenflo meets all the safety standards. All the convertible seats by Evenflo are tested for both low and high temperatures. The expanded protection zone absorbs energy during side-impact collisions.

For extraordinary performance, the Evenflo Momentum is tested against at both low and high temperature.

Infinity slide harness does not need any rethreading. For an accurate fit, you can select desired harness. e3 technology Evenflo has the advance e3 triple layer foam technology. This technology reduces up to 50% of energy during a crash.

The multiple upfront recline positions add comfort. Now your baby can enjoy a cozy ride with ReclineRight multiple positions. Evenflo meets or exceeds all safety standards. Also tested for 2X crash test. It meets all the FMVSS 213, FMVSS 302, CMVSS 302 and CMVSS 213 safety standards.

  • It is affordable in price.
  • Evenflo Momentum convertible car seat is approved to be used on aircraft..
  • Height-adjustable straps are easy to position and clean.

15. Britax Boulevard Rear and Forward Facing Car Seat

Britax Boulevard Forward Facing Car Seat
Rear Convertible Car seat

There are 14 adjustable harness positions. For perfect fit select any suitable harness position. With no essential re-threading, the harness positions adjust exactly to your kid’s height.

It can hold 5-40 pounds, whereas it can bear 20-60 pounds as a rear facing seat. It also has two layers of side impact protection. During a car crash, the Anti-rebound bar stabilized the seat. It gives you peace of mind about your child’s protection. It is a little bit pricey but it worth every dollar.

Installation the car seats is a difficult task to achieve. But it is not the case with Britax Boulevard. With ClickTight, you can install it with confidence. Multiple recline positions and auto-level indicators assist is easy and quick installation. Britax is a very famous company for baby products. Overall the Britax Boulevard has the majority of positive reviews.

Multiple Harness Positions:

Harness buckle has an indicator for safe and snug harness. When harness is perfectly tight and buckle is accurately closed, you will hear a click sound.

This technology reduces seat rotation with a V-shaped tether. It then releases stitches that slow down forward movement during a crash. The impact-absorbing base majority of collision forces. Britax Boulevard is created from high strength steel. Top-quality steel is used to reinforce seat structure. It offers magnificent strength at connecting points to car.

The bar minimizes force of the collision. During such events, it stabilized the seat. So that your little one can never get any harm. Various vehicles have different types of seats. Keeping this point in mind Britax comes with idea of an auto-level indicator. This level indicator shows that the seat is perfectly installed.

  • For quick installation, the base has written instructions on it.
  • Auto level indicators show that the seat is properly installed.
  • It has the easiest installation.
  • Comes with 14 different height positions.

Convertible Car Seat 2020 Buying Guide (Updated)

Tips For Car Seat Buyers

Choosing a best car seat might not be an easy task for you. Various factors will affect your choice in different ways. So, consider the following aspects before making a purchase.

Look Your Budget

The foremost factor to consider before purchasing is your budget. You can get a convertible car seat even under $100. For the best quality and superb protection, you must have a budget of $200-$400.

Protective Measures

If a car seat has beauty without any protection, then it’s just like an embroidered pillow filled with grass. So always check the safety measurements of the car seat. If the product meets all safety standards and has passed the various crash test, only then buy it.

Weight Holding Capacity

For a newborn or a toddler, every car seat will do best for you. For a school going kid, you must have to check the weight limit before making a purchase. Pick the one which has at least 5 to 15 pounds of weight capacity in addition to your child’s weight.

Height Limit

Spending money annually isn’t something a wiser do. Your little one may grow faster. Check the height limits for your desired convertible car seat. Select car seat which has enough rooms for height growth.


Some incredible convertible car seat can transform into four different modes. From 4 to 120 pounds kid can accommodate in it. These may be a little bit pricy for you, but it’s a one-time investment. So it’s better to pick a convertible car seat that grows with your little one.

Storage Compartments

During a ride, kids love to create a mess. Having a cup holder or a snake storage tray makes things easy. Before making a purchase, check the storage compartments.

Build Material

A cheap car seat may harm your precious child’s health. So it’s better to buy a reliable car seat rather than risking your kid’s life. A chemical-free and durable material may cost some extra dollars but it will save your child during any car crash.

Accurate Adjustment

Among every 5 car seats, 4 are installed incorrectly. One of the reasons is the different types of vehicle seats. The latest convertible car seats have bubble indicators and adjustable recline positions. These will help in perfectly connecting a convertible car seat.

Installation Manual

Installation of a convertible car seat may be challenging at times. A car seat with label instructions for installation may save your time and energy. So check the printed installation before making a purchase.

App Assistance

For the tremendous safety and innovative functionality, select a car seat having App assistance. The App will notify you if he unbuckles himself. If your car’s temperature is too cold or too hot, you will get notified. Thus, for extraordinary safety, you need a car seat having App assistance.

What Features To Find in Convertible Car Seat

Features To Look in Car Seat

We hope that our reviewed car seats have help a lot of parents picking the right seat for their children. Below are the prominent technical specs to follow when purchasing car seat.

Weight Carrying Capacity

The weight of the car seats varies between 11 to 20 pounds. If the car seat is cushy, then weight does not matter. All you have to do is to fix the car seat in your vehicle. A convertible car seat cannot be used as a carrier.

Seat Cover

As a proper dressing makes a person decent, likewise pretty seat cover enhances the overall grace. To maintain the same grace you must have to wash the seat cover after some time. Some of them are machine washable and others are hand washable.


A child’s protection is the parent’s foremost desire. Car seats have different types of protection like side protection, head protection, shock absorption mechanism. Various safety tests are performed in well-reputed companies to ensure the utmost security.

Air Travel Approved

Some of the car seats are certificated to be used in air travel. Some of them are prohibited to be used during a flight.


The convertible car seats can be easily converted from a rear-facing to a forward-facing car seat. A few can also have capabilities to transform into 4 types. Including the two mention modes, they can also be transformed into a high back booster and a backless booster.

Reclining Setup

Recline positions help when you have a vehicle with non-flat seats. From none, some car seats have 3 to 9 recline positions. They provide great help in installing the car seat.

Carrying Limit

With a minor difference, almost all the car seats have the same weight capacities. As a rear-facing convertible car seat, the weight limit is 4 to 50 pounds. A kid having weighed from 20 to 65 pounds, can ride it as a forward-facing car seat. For a high back-belt booster the weight limits are from 40-100 pounds. And finally, 40 to 120 pounds are recommended as a weight limit for a backless booster.

Benefits of Using a Car Seat

There are multiple advantages of car seats. They ensure safety as well as comfort during travel.

Convertible Car Seat FAQs

Below are the common and frequently asked questions to ask about car seats.

Which is the Best Car Seat in 2020?

Can you carry car seat in aeroplane?

What is difference between Rear Facing and Forward Facing Car Seat?